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Featuring MANATIJARA Eddy Christin


The first Tree climbing Adventure park in Madagascar. 

GASYCLIMB’s mission is to contribute to the conservation efforts within the Andasibe region by educating tourists about the beauty and importance of trees by engaging them in activities that:

1) Depend upon the tree structure   

2) Are enhanced by the surrounding natural beauty and ecosystem.

3) Educate both tourist and local children and adults on the importance and beauty of nature by engaging them in a variety of physically active and entertaining outdoor activities situated within the trees. 

Project objectives

  • Expand the tourist circuit in order to improve tourism in Madagascar

  • Develop the space in order to use the land in a productive and lucrative manner (i.e., enhance the value of the territory)

  • Create jobs for local youth 

  • Provide visitors with unique outdoor experiences and satisfy expressed interests in such opportunities

  • Participate in the economic development of the country by paying all due taxes and following through with all necessary duties

Meet Eddy Christin Manatijara
Project developer and manager

An experienced tree climber, with a desire to help and educate people in Madagascar. Eager to help others and together with others appreciate life day by day.

He is well versed in many fields, musician, guide and an expert in tree climbing and security (over 12 years of experience), serving as a safety manager for multiple Television channels. Click on the button to learn more about Eddy's experience.

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