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The first Tree climbing Adventure park in Madagascar. 

GASYCLIMB’s mission is to contribute to the conservation efforts within the Andasibe region by educating tourists about the beauty and importance of trees by engaging them in activities that:

1) Depend upon the tree structure   

2) Are enhanced by the surrounding natural beauty and ecosystem.

3) Educate both tourist and local children and adults on the importance and beauty of nature by engaging them in a variety of physically active and entertaining outdoor activities situated within the trees. 

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Project objectives

  • Expand the tourist circuit in order to improve tourism in Madagascar

  • Develop the space in order to use the land in a productive and lucrative manner (i.e., enhance the value of the territory)

  • Create jobs for local youth 

  • Provide visitors with unique outdoor experiences and satisfy expressed interests in such opportunities

  • Participate in the economic development of the country by paying all due taxes and following through with all necessary duties

Meet Eddy Christin Manatijara

Project developer and manager

An experienced tree climber, with a desire to help and educate people in Madagascar. Eager to help others and together with others appreciate life day by day.

He is well versed in many fields, musician, guide and an expert in tree climbing and security (over 12 years of experience), serving as a safety manager for multiple Television channels. Click on the button to learn more about Eddy's experience.


February 23rd, 2020

During our first trip to Madagascar to work with Projects Abroad, we met Eddy, who was working with the organisation. 

During our stay he helped us and showed us around the area, sharing his passion with us and a beautiful idea that he worked out in detail. To realise the Gasyclimb project.

On this day he showed us the land where he wanted to expedite Gasyclimb and took us on our first ever, high tree climbing experience.

Unfortunately Corona hit the world hard, putting any plans on hold temporary.

March 31st, 2021

It was finally time to take action, this day marks the initial preparation of phase 1. The first objectives were clear, look at the current situation and what needs to be done. While we were looking at the whole plan, the groundworks for clearing the ground were set up.


April 6th, 2021

We had our final set up call to create clarity on the next steps. 

1. Clear up the grounds to show to the land owner (the Mitsjinjo association), we mean business.

2. Renew the previous contract to have full permission to use the land.

April 10th, 2021

Workers started to clean up the grounds, while Eddy made preparations to present Gasyclimb to the new council of the Mitsjinjo association.

April 17th, 2021

In order to discuss the terms of the contract before renewing it, the Mitsjinjo association asked Eddy to present the Gasyclimb project officially for the board. 


April 27th, 2021

After negotiations have finished the final contract was approved!

Meanwhile the cleanup on the land has been completed. Because there is a lot of rain, a groundkeeper has been hired to keep the lands clean.

May 14th, 2021

Our next check in to see what the following steps are. Now that the lands are clean and the contract has been secured, the next step is to build a clear visible fence in order to ensure drivers safety along the road next to the land.


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