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Following up

As the end of the year was nearing we had a follow up call with Eddy to talk about the Gasyclimb project to see what the next steps are for 2023. Coincidentally, on this day Eddy was also celebrating his birthday so we had a toast together. He also shared with us his vision how he wants to help the children in need in his village and in the last year he started his own school with 4 teachers and 23 children. Because it was a great success his school expanded to almost 90 children this year and that's why he asked if we could help to change the lives of the children and the villagers together by making the school more sustainable and accessible for everyone.

Eddy shared with us that he has a plot of land that is perfectly located for the school but he needed support to realise it. He already started the process for everything, but he cannot do it alone. So after a brief talk about not only the social impact on not only the children and their parents, yet also the conservational impact as his school truely takes a different approach from all the other schools, teaching many extra curriculum activities to give the children of today, a better future tomorrow by improving their general knowledge far beyond what is the expected requirement by law.

For the community it was important to get started as soon as possible as many people are hopeful for the future and their children will help make a difference. Which is why we helped fund the build the foundations of the school, so the people could see that change is already being made. We also decided to visit them in December to not only track the progress, but also to directly see how they are currently working with the children so we can offer an outside perspective on how to improve. We are very excited to return to our roots and truly make a difference for the people.

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