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About Stichting EnZpire


"We envision a world where everyone can participate in society according to their own ability, where cultural and social status, physical or mental limitations, age etc. are not barriers. In this world, people work together to realise sustainable and valuable change by developing themselves, others and the environment."


"Creating a world where people are aware of themselves, society and the world around them. A world where everyone has the opportunity to develop themselves and create a better future for everyone and the world around us."


Who are we?

"Together we create a world where everyone can be themselves and has the audacity to be themselves. Where you are who you are and you do what you love, without other people judging you for it, where you can discover and fulfill passion in your own way."


Jenifer Benton

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“Always move forward, no matter where life takes you. Stay true to who you are and never give up on your dreams, no matter how large or how crazy they are. Be patient and one day it will happen as long as you keep moving forward." 


Dennis Aldenkamp

“If you listen, every moment, is a lesson to be learned.
No matter the circumstances, accept it and who you are so you can live to be the happiest you can be. Each passing moment is a spot in our history, so embody and embrace every Kairos moment."


Phong Le Hong

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