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Laying the foundation and follow up

From previous visit we learned that it would be greatly beneficial to host sustainable projects if we have a local bank account from which we can operate directly. This is both very beneficial for favourable currency exchanges and also to be able to work directly with the people instead of using third party services.

However unfortunately the process to get started is pretty time consuming, for that reason we visited an attorney to guide us in the process. In the afternoon we sat down with Eddy and his sister to talk about our options and we started preparing all the paperwork to make it happen.

In the evening we sat down together for the first official meeting of a new collaboration we started. The birth of the EnZpire Projects Madagascar association. During the meeting we set out the ground rules, the goals and project plans in order for us to prepare all the paperwork for the next day.

Gasyclimb update

Meanwhile we had a talk with Eddy about the progress of Gasyclimb, Eddy told us that he has been quite busy with the school and the projects he is working on. On top of that whilst the local people are visiting quite frequently, unfortunately the tourism sector has not yet returned to normal levels. He is planning to work together with other organisations to create combined events, but right now due to the oncoming storm season he is waiting to do the needed repairs. Once the weather season stabilises again he will pick up where he left off. During the afternoon we had a look at the parkour and the land, whilst the land is maintained, it is clear some work will have to be done.

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