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Stichting EnZpire

was founded in the Nederlands in 2016


Wilhelminaplein 1, 3072DE Rotterdam

Financial Information
ANBI status:  Active from 1st of January 2019

Bank account number:  NL05BUNQ2206273802 

RSIN-number:   856724543 

KvK-number: 66850932


President : Benton, Jenifer Hilary

Secretary: Le Hong, Phong

Treasurer : Aldenkamp, Dennis


Compensation Policy

The directors do not receive any remuneration for their work. They are, however, entitled to reimbursement of expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

No director or staff will be hired;


Compensation for volunteers, in particular travel expenses and reimbursement of expenses directly related to work for EnZpire Foundation;


Hourly wages for freelancers hired as specialists, plus travel reimbursement.


The purpose of the Foundation is: 

a. to inspire and help people, who are stuck in life, to find a balance in their lives, by trusting in the inner strength inherent in every human being;

b. to empower and inspire people to actively shape their own lives and take responsibility for the future and for society together;

c. performing all other actions that are related to the above in the broadest sense or that may be beneficial to it. 


The Foundation seeks to achieve its purpose amongst other things by: 

a. cooperating with other organizations, institutions and foundations with similar goals;

b. developing and organizing projects

c. acquiring financial resources from subsidies, fundraising and donations.

General policy

The following points are taken as starting points for Stichting EnZpire:


  • Project plan with financial budget for each individual project;

  • Each project is evaluated before, during and after the project;

  • All projects are reviewed by the entire board for approval;

  • No director or staff will be hired;

  • Minutes are taken during each meeting. These minutes are used to record all decisions, approvals and follow-up actions. These are confirmed by all board members;

  • Board receives only vacancy and expense reimbursement;

  • The foundation is supported by self-employed people and volunteers;

  • Loans are not acquired or extended.

  • All projects must be long-term sustainable and able to operate independently

  • Funding raised on a project is used for that project; per project it is agreed what the fee for the foundation will be.

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