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Saving the night!

Today was a big day, not only did we finish the first draft of the audiobook for the children, but in the evening the big final of the world cup was to be played. Whilst everybody was preparing for the game in the big room, our volunteer Pieter made a precaution to also stream the game from his laptop as the weather was foreboding rainfall. Since heavy rains usually implies a power outage, this could have big ramifications for viewing the game using the projecter.

Later that night many people joined to watch together and there was a lot of tension in the room as everyone was excitedly following the development of the battle going on on the screen. Both teams fought hard and the match turned out to be an exceptional game.

But then, at the worst possible time, a blackout struck Andasibe once again. Right as the penalties were about to start. Everyone was in distraught, panicking and anxious to watch the exciting finals. Luckily uur volunteer Pieter prepared for this exact moment and he went to grab his laptop that he left outside so others watching the nearby shop could also watch the game. There was total excitement when Pieter entered the room with his laptop playing the game. Although the projector wasn't working anymore, it was an amazing experience to see how everyone in the room all were watching and chanting together watching the small laptop screen and celebrated at the end of the evening when Messi finally claimed his much desired trophy.

Anyone who dislikes watching sports games, would still have loved to share in the amazing positive energy that was present in that room that night. It truely was a magical night. You can watch the video below of everyone watching together and celebrating at the end.

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