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Meeting up and getting to know the community

After a good night sleep, we met up with Eddy and visited the land where the foundations of the EnZpire Golden school is being build. After meeting the builders and explore the surrounding land, we noticed that in the centerpoint of the building itself was a beautiful tree. We quickly learned that the builders intend was to remove the tree entirely, and so we vowed that we will save the tree at some point during our stay, even though everyone thought we were crazy.

After that we discussed some of the logistics and current methodology of the schools organisation. Later that day we were invited for dinner at Eddy's house and we cooked local food together. At the end their chickens decided to help us doing the dishes.

During this time the World cup was being televised, so most people were anxiously following along how the games were going. We quickly learned that everybody was rooting a lot for Morocco as they are the first African country to make it this far in the world cup. Today France was playing against England so the general consensus was that they hoped that England would win to give Morocco a fighting chance if they would make it to the finals. Since the national television could broadcast only one of the 2 games this day, we offered our laptop to watch the game together with the community, because many people where sad that they couldn't follow the match of France.

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