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Farmers aid and saving the tree

Eddy invited us to join him and the group of people he is working together with to help make a positive impact on the farmers in the local village. Under guidance of a different association their goal is to convince the farmers to work together in selling their produce unique to Andasibe. By working together they can receive a fair price for their produce instead of playing a competitive down pricing game in order to ensure they sell their produce. Interestingly, we learned that in order to plan the meeting they have a notice board in front of the village where they announced the date and time of the meeting that morning.

It is a very enriching moment as we got the chance to think along to figure out a better method to improve the methodology.

In the afternoon we returned to the school ground to try and save the tree, otherwise it will be destroyed as the basement construction is finished later in the process. We are proud to say together with a few friends we managed to replant the tree, luckily it is the dawn of the rain season so it should receive plenty of water.

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