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A busy day (meetings and developing a Radio Show!)

The last 2 days have been filled with administrative work to officiate the EnZpire Projects Madagascar association. We spend a lot of time going around in the district, driving back and forth between Andasibe and Moramanga. We also spend the afternoon browsing the markets in Moramanga to gather supplies and presents for the children of The school for the big Summer Christmas party.

In the evening we had a meeting with all the teachers of the Golden school, where they could ask us many questions to learn from Jenifers experience working with children in the past. It became very clear to us how passionate and dedicated the teachers are to both the school and the children. They are very dedicated to improve in their profession and support not only the children, but also the parents to offer the best development chances for each child. We also shared our idea of the audio version of the books for the children with the teachers and they loved the first version of the first book!

Preparing to launch an Educational Radio Show!

Later in the evening we sat together with Eddy and he explained that he wanted to offer the opportunity for everyone in Andasibe to learn English. He knows people from the local Radiostation and he would like to make an Educational Radio show where he could broadcast English lessons for the people to listen to. That night we sat together to record the first episode!

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