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Featuring Author and songwriter Anneke Duym

Happy Angel Team

The Happy Angel Team started as a fictional story, in which problems in the world where resolved with magic. This project focuses on turning this fictional story into reality, by teaching valuable life lessons to her young audience and using the profits earned from selling her books and other positive and inspiring creations to support charities all over the world.  Paving the way to show how kindness and using your own skills to help each other are the true magic in this world.

Author and artist Anneke Duym, brings her story to reality together with her children, her true Happy Angel Team.

Project objectives

  • Bring people in the world together, by working together.

  • Teach the young generation valuable life lessons through the Happy Angel Team books and the real life Happy Angel Team

  • Raise profits through selling books and creative positive creations like, wish cards and songs, to support other projects over the world.

  • Be an example to the children of the Happy Angel Team and extend this to be inspiration to children all over the world to follow their dreams and create true magic.

Meet the Happy Angel Team

Anneke, Noa-Kim, Lisa-Mai and Jona-Thanh 

Together they travel to regions in the world where evil or injustice on a larger scale is occurring. Armed with their knowledge and their own talents, they call forward upon the healing powers of magical creatures to fix real world problems. 

Through their story, readers learn important life lessons, by immersing fully in the story and linking reality with these magical solutions. Together they show how kindness and unconditional love for the world, can heal the world and all of its inhabitants.

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