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The world is full of amazing ideas and opportunities. However it is up to you and us to make it a reality. Our purpose is to give anyone with a philanthropic vision the chance, to make it a reality. Everyone is welcome! we support a variety of different projects and love to connect our change makers to others, to be EnZpired and EnZpire others.

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We are always on the lookout to give a chance to change makers to realise their goal on impacting others lives.


Volunteer to any of our projects of your choice. 

We love to connect our change makers to people who wish to help.

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Highlighted project

Gasyclimb Adventure

by Manatijara Eddy Christin

Madagascar's first-ever tree-climbing adventure park, which aims to teach local people how to climb and navigate trees safely, while providing a positive economic boost to the area.

This project is currently in phase 2, having acquired permissions to use the land and finished cleaning up, it is currently acquiring the materials to build the parkour.

This project requires a high amount of funds to realise this. If you would like to donate for this project please click on the button to learn more about the project and donate for this project.


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If you have a vision or plan to impact other peoples lives, we will support you in the realisation.

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Creating possibilities for everyone

We strive to raise awareness within everyone, that they too are able to realise their dreams no matter who they are. Within our organisation we see every challenge as an opportunity to grow and create the next step in our life. 

And in doing so, we know that everyone has the potential to unleash their own talents and by focusing on developing the individual talents within the people we work with, in order to EnZpire, them to realise their philanthropic projects to spread forward that message.

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