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Be(come) the change

Allow us to EnZpire you

The world is full of amazing people, ideas, and opportunities just waiting to evolve and create a positive impact. It doesn’t matter where someone comes from, their social status, or their cultural background. Everyone has something to contribute, sometimes they just need some help in the right direction.  Our purpose is to change philanthropic visions into concrete action plans and make them a reality. We organize and support various projects and love to connect and work together with other change makers, to be EnZpired and to EnZpire others.

Work with changemakers


Change only happens when we work together. That's why we work with passionate local volunteers to make big changes, one small step at a time.

Our core values

Create Durable and sustainable projects

Our goal is to make long lasting change for society right now and future generations

Focus on development 


We focus on cultivating and maintaining durable projects that focus on social-, environment-, conservation- and educational development


Learn how we are making long term changes for people around the world



Learn how we can EnZpire each other, while we make meaningful and lasting change together



We are an official registered ANBI organisation


Become a changemaker

Together we will bring your vision to reality in the world. We are always looking for people who want to make a lasting impact on society and the future generations.

Project in development

Around the village of Andasibe, a lot of parents struggle to make ends meet. As a result, many of the children are unable to go to school as parents are unable to pay for their childrens tuition. 

This is why Eddy, started the Golden school in 2021 with 23 students to offer these children a chance to develop and have a brighter future. His vision is to not only offer this chance to all children, but to improve the quality of the education provided.

His first years grand succes, ended up in his school to currently provide education for nearly 90 children, causing the current school location to be very overcrowded.


In order to continue to give these children the best education possible, we are planning the construction of the EnZpire Golden school, in order to give the children and future generations a brighter future. 

We are currently in the progress of both acquiring all the funds and educational tools to make this dream for parents and children alike a reality.

EnZpire Golden school

EnZpire Golden School.png
EnZpire Golden School
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Creating possibilities for everyone

We strive to raise awareness within everyone, that they too are able to realise their dreams no matter who they are. Within our organisation we see every challenge as an opportunity to grow and create the next step in our life. 

And in doing so, we know that everyone has the potential to unleash their own talents and by focusing on developing the individual talents within the people we work with, in order to EnZpire, them to realise their philanthropic projects to spread forward that message.

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